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The EZ-Plot application is designed to simplify the process of creating construction drawings and ad-hoc plots. It provides the ability to create and manipulate one or more plots from a single user interface. Some of the functions are listed below:
  • Create a single drawing centered on a trail point.
  • Create multiple drawings along the route of a trail.
  • Create an index drawing showing the geographic location of all the drawings.
  • Save selected drawings as PDF files.
  • Add additional viewports with a single mouse click or drag box.
  • Create, drag, and drop the following: internal viewports, standard drawings, geographic area maps, details of congested areas, standard notes, and scale bars, etc.
Circuit Map/Feeder Map
The Circuit Map Application provides the tools to define single circuit (feeder) operating maps.
  • The user can define the number of map sheets for each circuit and the scale of each map sheet.
  • Index Maps can be created for circuits that have more than one map sheet.
  • Detailed views of congested areas can be defined and saved.
  • Internal Diagrams can be defined and saved.
  • The application produces outstanding looking maps!

Quick Map
The Quick Map Application is a bulk plotting and map tracking system.

  • Pre-defined maps can be selected and submitted to a printer or saved as PDF files.
  • Allows the user to add detail “blow ups” as necessary for easy to read maps.
  • Allows the user to view, print, and or save only the maps that have changes since the last publish date.
  • Quick Map's unique tracking capability allows the map user to publish and update maps in a timely manner while reducing cost of re-publishing entire map books.
Data Tracking System
The Data Tracking System tracks all inserts, updates, and deletions within any number of Smallworld data partitions and provides the ability to recover any deleted or changed objects.
  • Identifies user, date, and time of the transaction.
  • User can toggle between the current view and the historical view of the database.
  • Lists deleted objects, updated objects, inserted objects, or any combination.
  • Displays records for a specific object or objects within a pre-defined group.
  • Highlight and GoTo changed objects.
  • Recover deleted or updated objects.
  • Search by entire database or by defined rectangle.
  • Ability to delete tracking info after data has been reviewed.
  • Recover any deleted or updated objects in an alternative prior to posting the alternative.

URD (Underground Residential Development) Map
The URD Map Application allows users to print and/or save (in PDF Format) URD subdivision maps quickly and effortlessly.

  • Automatically calculates the optimum page size and layout based on the geographic extent of the subdivision.
  • Easy to use interface allows for the rapid retrieval and printing of URD Maps.
Auto QA/QC (Quality Assurance /Quality Control) Tools
The Auto QA/QC Application provides tools to ensure that your data is converted and/or maintained to standard. This is critical to ensure your GIS can support applications such as OMS (Outage Management System).
  • Auto QA/QC application makes Quality Assurance efforts more accurate, faster, and with a significantly lower cost.
  • The user may run the tools by any defined area object or trail.
  • The user can include or exclude objects to test.
  • Application includes a Flag browser that allows the user to find, inspect, and repair errors quickly.
  • Includes robust error reporting functionality.
  • Optimized for production use.