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Millennium International Technologies, Inc. (MIT, Inc.) was founded in January of 1998. The company was established to serve the needs of the Electric, Gas, Water, and Telephone Utility Companies in their efforts to build and operate Geographic Information Systems. MIT, Inc. has been extremely successful at delivering high quality products and services to this market.

MIT, Inc. was founded and built by technical experts, based on the idea that we could better serve customers by streamlining the consulting organization to deliver products and services at a reasonable cost. MIT, Inc. focuses on delivering effective solutions to the issue at hand. When working on a project, MIT, Inc. leverages the expertise of the client as much as possible in order to deliver the desired results and keep costs as low as possible. MIT, Inc.'s philosophy is that no one understands the needs of the client better than the client does.

Effective channels of communication are essential for a successful project. Goals and requirements are established early, and iterative interaction with client-side management and SMEs (subject matter experts) during the development process prevents misunderstanding and wasted effort. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to put together an accurate bid and bring in the required results at or below the initial estimate.

MIT, Inc. is built upon hard work and trust. Our growth in the industry and continuing profitability is a testament to long-term relationships with clients whom we have never let down.